4th of July Tie Dye Cupcakes

With 4th of July this week I decided to try out these patriotic tie dye cupcakes. Not only were they fun to make but they look very cool and they are so cute! They're perfect for a 4th of July outdoor party or just to have something fun to do with your friends or kids. I mean, who doesn't love cupcakes?! Keep reading down below so you can make them too.

You will be needing:
a box of classic white cake mix
white frosting
food coloring (red & blue) 
sprinkles (I used red but blue works too)
baking cups
U.S. flag picks 

Follow instructions on cake mix box. Once you have your batter ready you will separate it into 3 different bowls. One you will leave white and the other two you will be using the food coloring on. When you get the desired color, you will start filling the baking cups in this order: red, white and blue. Be careful when you do this step because you don't want the batter colors to mix you just want them to be stacked on top of each other so just dab the batter into the cup. Bake in oven for the amount of time instructed on box. Once they are completely cooled you can start frosting. Excuse my bad frosting skills. Although I think I did a pretty good job for not having used a piping bag. Sprinkle some sprinkles, stick a little flag in the middle and enjoy! 


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