Men, Women & Children || review and thoughts

Other than blogging, reading, and taking an embarrassing amount of pictures of my dogs, I like to watch films.
 Earlier this week I watched the movie Men, Women & Children (directed by Jason Reitman.)
This movie had limited release therefore it wasn't shown in all theaters.
I know I don't usually write posts like these but I thought I'd give it a go because I had some thoughts and comments on the movie that I thought you guys would like to read if thinking about watching this movie.

Men, Women & Children is described as an "ensemble comedy-drama." 

Honestly, I laughed because of awkwardness not funniness. 
The movie gives insight of the lives of teenagers and their parents and how the internet and social media has changed the way they communicate, see the world, see themselves, and the way they love. 
The message is modern and generates thoughts about how you use the internet and social media and how that has changed the day to day life. 
However, it's an issue we all know about even though sometimes we choose to ignore or we think "nah, social media doesn't control my life." Okaaay. 
Although segments of the plot were somewhat cliche, it was an okay/'ight' film 
aka I probably wouldn't watch it again. 

And now, some thoughts I had while watching this movie:
1) I was confused during the first half of the movie because of the narrating. 
2) this is the first movie I watch starring Adam Sandler where he doesn't annoy me.
3) is 'Secretluvur' the All State commercial guy?
4) Ansel Elgort ...hiiiiii.

I know this was a little different but let me know what you thought about this post.
Have any of you watched this movie? What did you think?


p.s. I investigated and 'Secretluvur' is the All State commercial guy. I'd recognize a voice like that anywhere.
p.p.s This was just my opinion and personal thoughts on this movie.
Everyone likes different things and don't let this stop you from watching the movie if you were planning to.


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