interview // lucy x erica

Looking through the 1975 concert vlogs was how I came to find Erica's YouTube channel (beautybabe149).
I mean...we both love the 1975, it was meant to be.
Erica's videos are a must watch for me.
Her sense of style is admirable,
her nails are always on point,
and her pep talk and staying positive videos are pretty inspiring.
Keep reading and get to know more about this free spirit who is spreading happiness and positivity, one YouTube video at a time.

Dollhouse Lucy: When and why did you start your YouTube channel?

Erica: I started my youtube channel in June 2012. I had always loved making videos growing up- I had a little Flip Camcorder that I used to take with me everywhere and pretend to vlog. I would even film little “haul” and “favorites” videos in my room years before I even had a computer to upload them.

DL: Were you ever scared to put yourself out there through Youtube?

Erica: I was never really scared because I loved what I was doing and I didn't really mind what people thought about it. I guess I had just seen so many other youtubers do what they did, and that made me feel a lot better about it.

DL: I heard you got accepted into FIDM, congrats! Have you decided if you want to go there?

Erica: Thank you! Yes, FIDM has always been my number one choice school. I’m almost positive I will be attending this fall.

DL: What's your dream job?

Erica: My dream job... Oh gosh I’d love to do Youtube as a full time job. If that doesn't work out, I think it would be so cool to work as a stylist for movies, TV shows, and photo shoots.

DL: What do you look forward to in your personal life and your YouTube life?

Erica: Currently I’m looking forward to graduating this May. So crazy! I’m ready to focus on expanding my youtube channel and creating uplifting content this summer. Day to day, I honestly just look forward to the weekends because that is when I have time to just have fun, go places, film videos, and not worry about school related things.

DL: What are your thoughts on the YouTube community being negative towards one another and Youtubers not supporting each other? Has anything like that happened to you in your time making YouTube videos?

Erica: Fortunately I have never experienced this and I hope I never do. To me, Youtube has always been such a positive community and I really hope it stays that way. Hate is so unnecessary, we should all be kind and respect each other’s ideas, opinions, and passions.     

DL: Describe your style in one word.

Erica: Hmm… Free-Spirited. Oh shoot, that’s kind of two words. I guess Bohemian could work as well!

DL: What are your favorite beauty products at the moment?

Erica: Ooo. Right now I’m currently a huge fan of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder foundation. It’s awesome and matifying.

DL: Will you be going to any music festivals this year?

Erica: I will actually! I am so excited to be attending Outside Lands in August which is a music and art festival in San Francisco.

DL: What is a piece of clothing or kind of shoe that you have enough of but still buy more of?

Erica: Clothing wise- Oh gosh, anything Free People. Lately it’s been maxi skirts and dresses.
If we’re talkin’ shoes, I have way too many gladiator sandals. They are too cute!

DL: What advice would you give to someone who seeks more positivity in their life?

Erica: My advice for somebody who is seeking positivity is simple. Make a decision- a choice and allow yourself to see everything in a better light. Just know, that you are in control of your perspective on life. What we think, we become.

Check out Erica's YouTube channel:
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