A Look Into My Pinterest

Hey guys! Life has gotten busy since last time we talked. Last week I went back to work and the time I'd usually spend on blogging has been spent trying to catch up with my online class assignments. So I thought I'd put together a different kind of post.
I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from Pinterest. Okay, sometimes I just go on to look at pictures of food, but that's besides the point. I looked through several of my Pinterest boards and picked out my favorites to share with you guys. It was pretty overwhelming because I obviously like everything I pin, but it came down to these four Pinterest boards:

Home/Interior Decor & Design 



These are actual rooms and actual homes. Wow. I don't have my own room, unfortunately. But I can't wait to have my own place just so I can put my room decor skills to test.

Beauty Inspo



Make-up. Hair. Nails. Natural beauty. This board has it all. I don't switch my look around too often, but I know where to look if I ever feel like trying something new.

My Sweet Tooth


Of course I have Pinterest boards of food and food only. (I have a Pinterest board dedicated entirely for my love of cheesecake lol!) When I need to whip up some sweet treats or get recipe ideas, this board comes in so handy.

Runway Babe 



Runway Babe is my biggest board, with over 200 pins pinned. And counting. I admire the dedication and passion of the designers and everyone that is part of the journey that makes these works of art come to life. As much as I love looking at the clothing, I also love looking at the diversity within the runway models. I've never gone to a fashion show. But...one day. One day.

What's your favorite Pinterest board(s) and why?

Click here to visit my Pinterest. I'm sure you're already following me though. Am I riiiiight?

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