Get Ya Head Back In the Game

With my fall college semester and new work schedule just around the corner, I'm starting to get back into the college student mind-set. Some of you may have already gone back to school or may be starting in just a couple of weeks. Balancing school work with extra curricular activities and/or a job can be mind-boggling for some people. So I'd like to share some tips that help me deal with life and my somewhat busy schedule.

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Snack Healthy
This is key for doing good throughout the day. Eating healthy snacks (and meals too!) keeps your metabolism balanced and your energy level high. Think before you head to the vending machine to buy a Snickers that's probably already gone bad. (Been there. Ew.) Don't get me wrong, I love a good Hot Cheetos bag, but what I'm saying is don't make trips to the vending machine a habit. Pack brain power snacks beforehand but treat yo self once in a while.

planner is from my school and stickers and markers are from dollar tree store
Have a Planner
I kid you not, I would not be the person I am if I didn't use a planner. Writing down deadlines for assignments and work related tasks, appointment reminders, and scheduling my study sessions has been my secret to survival. Nowadays, people use their phone to plan out their day, but I'm like Jane from "27 Dresses." I have to have a planner! To make my planner look put together (and cute!) I use colorful pens, highlighters, and stickers.

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Take Breaks and Choose Your Music
"Put your phone down! You can look at Zendaya's new Instagram selfie later!" It's easier said than done. I personally have a problem with this issue but I've learned tricks to deal with it. Taking small 10 minute breaks each half hour or so is a good idea. I take that time to very quickly check my social media or get a snack. Listening to music is a must when I'm studying or doing homework, but choosing music while trying to get work done takes up so much useful time. What I like to do beforehand is build a playlist or just pick one from YouTube.

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Keep Your Eyes On the Prize
A busy schedule can be overwhelming and that can sometimes make you feel unmotivated. Whenever I am stressed or start to lose sight of my path, I ask myself these three questions: Why did you start doing this? Who are you doing this for? What is it that you want to accomplish? The answers to these questions snap me out of the negative thoughts and remind me of who and where I am and who and where I want to be.

I really hope this helped those of you who needed a little confidence boost before heading back to school. Remember: its okay if you don't have everything under control all the time. Find what works for you and stick with it.

xx L


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