Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer 2015 Wishlist

Lira Lara Crochet Trim Babydoll Dress $46 pacsun, Sofia Baby Doll BLUSH $36 living doll, Lacy Crepe Tiered Dress $15.90 forever 21
Vintage wash denim dungaree romper playsuit $25.99 choies, Black lattice cut out high waisted shoulder-straps skater skirt $16.90 choies

Striped Moonbeams Set $108 free people, blue jasmine set $277 free people 
Crossing Lines Crop Blouse $78 nasty gal
Perforated Faux Leather Crop Top $15 forever 21, Boxy Cropped Shirt $12.50 forever 21, MinkPink Island Girl Floral Halter Top $49 pacsun

Kendall & Kylie Fringe Skirt $39.95 pacsun, Moto Utility Pocket Skirt $52 topshop

Belted Leaf Print Shorts $22.90 forever 21, Moto Black Ripped Mom Shorts $58 topshop

LA Hearts Lace Up Front One Piece Swimsuit $24.46 pacsun, motel flux bikini $47 nasty gal

                                                                                                Gwen convertible backpack $68 free people, Metro backpack $198 free people

Gabriella Rocha Lea Mini Purse $52.99 6pm, Steve Madden Bcypress $30.99 6pm

Steve Madden Iggy Azalea - Ono $87.99 6pm, LOVE Moschino Colorblock Strappy Sandal $79.99 6pm
Summer is finally here! And I know I always say this but every time I put a wishlist together, it feels like it's been forever since I've done one. The first wishlist I did was for Summer of last year and here I am again! So let's get started!
1) Flow-y, lace, cutout dresses are so perfect for hot weather. And uh, they're so cute.
2) Overalls were my thing back when I was like...4. Haha. But with the right accessories and shoes you can make the piece look more mature and modern.
3) Two-piece outfits are cool because you can mix-and-match with whatever else you have in your closet.
4) Crop tops. are. for. everyone. So don't be afraid to wear them all Summer long.
5) High-waisted skirts and shorts are my favorite because they go great with crop tops. And how perf is that fringe skirt? It channels my inner Selena Quintanilla.
6) I love the one-piece bathing suit, it's so chic! I think one-pieces and high-waisted bathing suits are what suits my body type best. Figure out what looks best on you and work it.
7) A small purse or a backpack is the best accessory for this season. One that looks cute with your outfits and fits all your Summer essentials would be best.
8) Chunky, strappy sandals are heart eye emoji to me right now.

What do you think I should add to my Summer wishlist? What's on yours?


Friday, June 19, 2015

queen b

dress: attention
 boots: steve madden 

 Let's catch up! It has been a busy week for me. This past weekend I went to Sac State for a summer institute. It's through my job and is mandatory to attend if I want to get hired for the summer. I work for Mini-Corps; it's a program that places college students in class environments to assist migrant students with their education. At the summer institute I got to interact with college students from Fresno, San Diego, Long Beach, the list goes on and on. The bad thing about this trip was that it was so hot! We had to walk across campus to our workshops and the heat was unbearable.

I got home on Sunday and surprisingly had a lot of energy to unpack my things and go catch a movie with my sisters. We watched Jurassic World. I kept on waving my hands and yelling at the characters to run as if they could hear me. Yeah, I'm that person. Something funny (not really) from the movie was that okay, it takes place in Costa Rica, yet the park staff were all white. But, *sips tea.*

On Monday I started my online class and that's what's kept me busy this week. It's been interesting so far, but there's a lot of information to take in. The online class system is new to me and I already know it's not my cuppa tea. I'll get through it, eventually.

About this outfit. I actually have no idea why I bought this dress. It's so...yellow. I suppose I like how it looks on my skin tone. Also, I like how it looks with the accessories and shoes I paired it with. I'd say it's all on how you style and work it. So don't hesitate on going bright or bold this summer.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

interview // lucy x sydney

I first came across Sydney when I got a tumblr.
And instantly, I fell in love with this beach babe's photography,
her cute swimsuits, and her even cuter relationship.
And on top of all that, she is the sweetest person I've talked to!
(On the Internet at least haha.)
Get to know this California girl who is sure to make it big in photography.

Dollhouse Lucy: How long have you done photography and what got you started?

Sydney: I've been taking photos of everything my eyes have seen since I picked up my dads old point-and-shoot camera back in 3rd grade. I used it as a journal, and realized how essential it was to story telling. Photos and the written word are a perfect pair, which is why I love to write along with my photos.

DL: What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started taking pictures?

S: I don't wish I would've learned everything I know now because it's been a beautiful process, growing and changing in my art. I'm glad I didn't know about aperture and shutter speed, and the right times of day to shoot and rule of thirds... I guess I'm saying I'm glad I came into it with a blank slate.

DL: What is your favorite thing, person, or place to take pictures of?

S: I love portraits, and I'm trying to gather more models to shoot... I always end up shooting my friends and boyfriend, because I love capturing their purest forms and their essences. I don't really have a favorite place or thing, because I think I just enjoy capturing beauty and interesting subjects no matter where I am!

DL: Do you plan to make a career out of photography?

S: Absolutely, 100%. It's the only thing in my life I enjoy and am partially good at...

DL: Has social media had an impact on your photography?

S: Yes, for better or for worse. Now, I follow so many talented and amazing people who are my age! I get so frustrated and down on myself when I see those more talented than I am... But it's a blessing as well! I see those incredibly talented people and it inspires me to try new techniques, angles, subject matters... it also allows me to connect with people that I would never meet otherwise. I have met tons of people through tumblr and instagram, and it's an awesome link to other creatives who just want someone to create with!

DL: What advice would you give someone who has an interest in photography?

S: Take photos constantly. bring your camera everywhere and never stop. I'm so bad at following this, even if it's my own advice. I find that I take the best pictures when I'm just shooting everything and everywhere I go.

DL: Other than photography, what other activities/ interests do you have?

S: I love to surf in my free time, which isn't a lot... I'm not a huge sports person although I really enjoy volleyball. So in other words, not a lot of outside interests hahaha.

DL: You're one of my favorite tumblr blogs! You always find time to reply to your followers' questions, how important is it to you to stay connected with them?

S: It's so important! Sometimes it's really hard to answer advice questions, because I really have to put myself in their position and give the best advice I can, when I can't even figure my own life out, but they're so sweet to me and support me in so many of my endeavors! They're also hugely supportive of my relationship, which, I think, is one of the main reasons I have followers...

DL: What does your everyday look consist of?

S: Lots and lots and lots of denim. Stripes. Too much Brandy Melville. Converse. Boots. Beauty-wise I'm a big fan of winged eyeliner, more neutral eyeshadow, and pink-plum lips. I use MAC, It cosmetics, and various drug store brands.

DL: From your photography it is obvious you're a beach girl, what are your beach day essentials?

S: Whatever's handy! My camera of course, a towel/beach blanket/tapestry, a California burrito, Dr. Pepper, Maui babe browning lotion, and a niccccee good book (preferably a trashy novel).

Make sure to follow Sydney on tumblr and instagram!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

my summer reading list


So since its nearly summer and I've got a handful of books I've been wanting to read, I'll be sharing my summer reading list with you guys!

In Malice, Quite Close 
by Brandi Lynn Ryder
This is the book I'm currently reading. I'm halfway through with it. A young girl named Karen is manipulated and swooned by foreign art collector, Tristan. He is completely obsessed with her. Tristan has a vision of what he wants Karen to look and act like, and he's willing to do anything to make her his own masterpiece. I don't want to spoil it, so let's just leave it at this: if this was made into a movie, I'd so go watch it.
" I became a constant companion to her wanderings. In the mornings I met her school bus, endured the hours in mindless torpor till the clock struck three and I could seek her after school. On the fifth day, I gained the nerve to approach her home, at that time when dusk falls but people do not realize they can be seen in their well-lit kitchens and living rooms." (Ryder, Brandi Lynn. In Malice, Quite Close. Viking, 2011.)
Looking for Alaska by John Green
Its John Green. What could I possibly expect from this book? Finely worded description of a girl's beauty, bittersweet tragedy, and maybe a little teardrop at the end when I finish the book. (I'll give ya'll an update on this.)
Here's an excerpt from Looking for Alaska
"And now is as good a time as any to say that she was beautiful. In the dark beside me, she smelled of sweat and sunshine and vanilla, and on that thin-mooned night I could see little more than her silhouette except for when she smoked, when the burning cherry of the cigarette washed her face in pale red light. But even in the dark, I could see her eyes---fierce emeralds. She had the kind of eyes that predisposed you to supporting her every endeavor." (Green, John. Looking for Alaska. Penguin, 2005.
¡Ask a Mexican! by Gustavo Arellano
I actually had the amazing opportunity to meet Gustavo Arellano! Gustavo was a speaker at a Latino leadership trip I was invited to. And he personally signed every copy of ¡Ask a Mexican! which was gifted to every student that attended. Cool, I know. ¡Ask a Mexican! is a compilation of questions from gabachos that are answered by Gustavo himself. Although some of the questions are ignorant, Gustavo answers them in such a genuine way and backs himself up with history and throws in a little sass. Ha! The guy's the real deal.
" It seems that every Mexican infant girl I see has had her ears pierced (...) The nurses must be poised and ready with a needle the second the baby pops out. Is there some cultural significance?
Dear Gabacho: Piercing a girl's ears from birth dates to the days when Mexican women were little more than chattel. Patriarchs provided the women in their clans with fancy earrings so the rest of society knew of the family's wealth." (Arellano, Gustavo. Ask a Mexican. Simon and Schuster, 2008.

Let me know if you'll read or have read any of these books and what your thoughts are on it. What books do you recommend? What's on your summer reading list?