queen b

dress: attention
 boots: steve madden 

 Let's catch up! It has been a busy week for me. This past weekend I went to Sac State for a summer institute. It's through my job and is mandatory to attend if I want to get hired for the summer. I work for Mini-Corps; it's a program that places college students in class environments to assist migrant students with their education. At the summer institute I got to interact with college students from Fresno, San Diego, Long Beach, the list goes on and on. The bad thing about this trip was that it was so hot! We had to walk across campus to our workshops and the heat was unbearable.

I got home on Sunday and surprisingly had a lot of energy to unpack my things and go catch a movie with my sisters. We watched Jurassic World. I kept on waving my hands and yelling at the characters to run as if they could hear me. Yeah, I'm that person. Something funny (not really) from the movie was that okay, it takes place in Costa Rica, yet the park staff were all white. But, *sips tea.*

On Monday I started my online class and that's what's kept me busy this week. It's been interesting so far, but there's a lot of information to take in. The online class system is new to me and I already know it's not my cuppa tea. I'll get through it, eventually.

About this outfit. I actually have no idea why I bought this dress. It's so...yellow. I suppose I like how it looks on my skin tone. Also, I like how it looks with the accessories and shoes I paired it with. I'd say it's all on how you style and work it. So don't hesitate on going bright or bold this summer.



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