Monday, September 28, 2015

Pear Festival

My hometown had it's annual Pear Festival this past weekend.
The Pear Festival is a celebration of agricultural heritage within our town. I made my way to main street pretty early in the morning because my sister was part of the parade. That gave me the advantage of walking through the entire festival when hardly anyone was there. There were lots of beautifully hand crafted products on display. Food everywhere. And so many dogs, yay! At the festival, there was a tent that provided information on the agricultural process of the pear and some history of the the town and townspeople that make that process possible. My family and I have and continue to make that agricultural process possible.
My mom, aunts, cousins, and I have all worked in the pear packing sheds. My mom has been working there every summer for fifteen years. The positions vary, but my mom is a packer and it's a pretty tough task. However, she has mastered it throughout the years.
Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, I see the field workers. When it comes to field work, every fruit and vegetable is equally as difficult to work with but in different ways. Generations of my family have worked picking the local pear fields. My grandfather and grandmother, my uncles, and now my little brother. It's fair to say that we know this process pretty well.

Lake County has recently gone through some really tough times, and on Saturday I was reminded of how united our community can be. The Valley Fire started two weeks ago and is yet to be fully contained. Approximately 1,958 structures were destroyed, leaving an estimated 3,600 people displaced from their homes. (Lake County News) The community did not hesitate to come together to help those affected by the disaster and to welcome the many firefighters that came to the rescue. Yes, we might not all personally know each other, but after all, this is our home. That's all we have to have in common to make us realize we can make a change within our community.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cruelty Free Make-Up (making the switch + product review)

I have made the change to cruelty free make-up!
It began one morning when I was doing my daily make-up routine that I thought "I wonder if my foundation is cruelty free." It wasn't. I searched through all my make-up (which isn't much) to see if I had any that was cruelty free; only three products were.

Animal testing is an issue I care about. When it comes to animal testing for cosmetics, I believe that beauty can be achieved without hurting other creatures along the way. Year round, 200,000 animals suffer and die in laboratories due to cosmetics testing. (Humane Society InternationalAll beauty has an ugly side.
Then it hit me: how can I do nothing about something I care about?
This is where the cruelty free make-up search began. Something very important I learned while doing my research on make-up companies is that some brands don't directly test their products on animals, but they allow or ask other companies to do the testing for them. Those brands are equally as bad as the brands that test directly.

The following are drugstore make-up brands that I've tried out. [Think of this as a make-up review kinda thing.] I usually go for the natural make-up look and I am not one to spend big money on fancy brushes and the latest palettes, so I'd be silly of me to buy from expensive brands if it doesn't feel like me.

Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara
Wet n Wild megalength Mascara
Both these mascaras get the job done. My eyelashes are small and not thick so they don't require too much work. The Max Volume Plus Mascara elongates my top lashes enough for it to look like I have lashes lol. I use the megalength mascara for my bottom lashes because the wand is thin and won't leave a mess.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Match Foundation
This foundation is very lightweight, which is super important to me when it comes to foundation, but to be honest, I don't love this product. It makes my face look oily and the coverage isn't super amazing. All I can say is that you get what you pay for. The search for a foundation continues! (Recommendations always welcome in the comments below or on my social media!)

Milani Baked Bronzer (04 Glow)
I use this as a blush and I love it! Its so shimmery and it gives me an instant glow. I feel like a sun kissed goddess. The product comes with a mirror and a brush for the application, which is pretty cool.

Jordana Eyeliner
I rarely wear eyeliner. I mostly just use it for special occasions. But I really like this one for three reasons: 1) it doesn't smudge so no looking like a raccoon here 2) it stays on for a pretty long time and I don't worry about reapplying 3) jet black looks so good.

elf Eyebrow Kit
I wasn't looking to purchase an eyebrow pencil or kit. My eyebrows are low maintenance, thankfully. But then I heard my friends saying great things about their eyebrow kits and all I was thinking was "Please let it be from a cruelty free brand." And it was! And I love it! It consists of a gel to shape and fill in and a powder to finish the work of art that is the eyebrows.

And that, my friends, is the rundown on my switch to cruelty free make-up and the products I've been using. I feel much better about the things I put on my face now because I know that animals have not been hurt in the process and creation of these products.
You can search for cruelty free products by using PETAs searchable database here!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

heart out

top: socialite
jeans: vip jeans
boots: vera wang

Smells like...September. I can't believe there's so little left of this year. But I'm so happy that my favorite season is finally here!
I'm well into my second week of my college semester and I've already a) gotten a migraine in class b) presented a speech in my public speaking class c) freaked out about presenting a speech. Oh, the joys of college.
Let's talk about my outfit now! I love loVE LOVE these new distressed jeans! They're so comfy and stretchy. I've worn them an embarrassingly amount of times since I got them. True love can't be stopped, guys. My top has so many of my favorite things going on: black and white, floral print, and a peter pan collar. The contrast between my top and my jeans makes my outfit have this sort of balance between laid back and dressy. I'm all for that.

xx L