Pear Festival

My hometown had it's annual Pear Festival this past weekend.
The Pear Festival is a celebration of agricultural heritage within our town. I made my way to main street pretty early in the morning because my sister was part of the parade. That gave me the advantage of walking through the entire festival when hardly anyone was there. There were lots of beautifully hand crafted products on display. Food everywhere. And so many dogs, yay! At the festival, there was a tent that provided information on the agricultural process of the pear and some history of the the town and townspeople that make that process possible. My family and I have and continue to make that agricultural process possible.
My mom, aunts, cousins, and I have all worked in the pear packing sheds. My mom has been working there every summer for fifteen years. The positions vary, but my mom is a packer and it's a pretty tough task. However, she has mastered it throughout the years.
Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, I see the field workers. When it comes to field work, every fruit and vegetable is equally as difficult to work with but in different ways. Generations of my family have worked picking the local pear fields. My grandfather and grandmother, my uncles, and now my little brother. It's fair to say that we know this process pretty well.

Lake County has recently gone through some really tough times, and on Saturday I was reminded of how united our community can be. The Valley Fire started two weeks ago and is yet to be fully contained. Approximately 1,958 structures were destroyed, leaving an estimated 3,600 people displaced from their homes. (Lake County News) The community did not hesitate to come together to help those affected by the disaster and to welcome the many firefighters that came to the rescue. Yes, we might not all personally know each other, but after all, this is our home. That's all we have to have in common to make us realize we can make a change within our community.



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