heart out

top: socialite
jeans: vip jeans
boots: vera wang

Smells like...September. I can't believe there's so little left of this year. But I'm so happy that my favorite season is finally here!
I'm well into my second week of my college semester and I've already a) gotten a migraine in class b) presented a speech in my public speaking class c) freaked out about presenting a speech. Oh, the joys of college.
Let's talk about my outfit now! I love loVE LOVE these new distressed jeans! They're so comfy and stretchy. I've worn them an embarrassingly amount of times since I got them. True love can't be stopped, guys. My top has so many of my favorite things going on: black and white, floral print, and a peter pan collar. The contrast between my top and my jeans makes my outfit have this sort of balance between laid back and dressy. I'm all for that.

xx L


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