on the daily

 top and jacket: adam levine
pants: twelve k
boots: madden girl

It's around this time in the college semester when I'm just d o n e. Things are at full swing at work as well. The days and weeks have gotten so repetitive and it kills me. But instead of focusing on the negatives, I'd like to talk about what I enjoy doing on a daily basis. You know, the things that you think you're gonna get tired of soon but you don't and you're totally fine with it. 

blasting music when I get ready in the morning: I have a wide taste in music, but it all really comes down to my vibe at the time of choosing what to listen to. Good music puts me in the best mood and that's how I'd like all of my days to begin. With the sleepiness and exhaustion leaving my body and mind with every note that plays through the speakers. With the rays of sun coming in through my window to dance along with me. 
ordering coffeehouse breakfast: On the days I go to work, I hardly have time for breakfast. But on the days I have class, I take advantage of the extra time I have in the morning to go to my local coffeehouse. The baristas are so kind and the atmosphere inside the place makes me feel warm inside. My favorite drink to order at the moment is an iced chai w/ almond milk. I looove bagels and I always get whichever new one they have for the day. A couple weeks ago I tried the pesto bagel and I felt so #blessed. 
weekends of sporting events: my brother plays both soccer and football, one of my sisters plays soccer as well, and my youngest sister does cheer. I like going to their games not only to cheer them on and support my community, but because the games get super intense! I'm basically a soccer mom but without the mom part...okay, I am kinda like a mom sometimes lol.
journaling: do ya'll remember when I said I wanted to start a journal? Well I did. I won't write too much about it at the moment because I'm planning a blog post for that. But just know that I love it!

Whenever you feel like you're life is just the same day repeating itself, stop, think, and appreciate the things about your day that you do enjoy doing. If you can't think of any, then change something. Take a different route to work. Try a new restaurant for lunch. Start a collection of scented candles. These are just suggestions, but it's okay if you end up candle vlogging like Jennifer from Scream Queens. Do you boo boo.



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