hayley kiyoko: one bad night tour

The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA was the fourth stop on Hayley Kiyoko's 19 date U.S. tour. The electropop songstress announced her One Bad Night Tour four months after releasing her third EP, Citrine.

Following the captivating melodies and mellow opening set of pop-indie band, Flor, Hayley Kiyoko kicked off her performance with "One Bad Night" and a drum pad intro rendition of "Pretty Girl."

Kiyoko performed "Sleepover," her most recent single, that despite only having been released five days prior to the concert, the fans knew every single word to and were able to sing along.

Before performing "This Side of Paradise," Hayley Kiyoko told her childhood story about escapism to a parallel universe within her head where people she liked liked her back and where she was free of judgement.

Through her pro-LGBTQ lyrics and music videos, Hayley Kiyoko hinted at a queer identity, but it wasn't until the release of an interview with Paper Magazine, where she speaks about exploring her sexuality and finding her true voice, that Kiyoko cleared the air and came out.

Hayley closed the show with "Gravel To Tempo" and what some call the 'wlw (women who love women) anthem' "Girls Like Girls," during which she waved a gay pride flag that a fan had tossed onstage.

Hayley Kiyoko is redefining what it means to be a wlw. Through her hazy tracks, lyrics about unanswered love and aesthetically pleasing yet self defining music videos, Hayley is empowering her, for the most part, LGBTQ fanbase and reassuring them that their feelings are valid.
In the words of a concertgoer: Hayley Kiyoko, your music is like queer gospel music.

xx L.M.


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