dress: adam levine collection
necklace: todo moda

I had been waiting for really hot weather to wear this dress and the opportunity finally came by. Lightweight fabrics and cutouts are so important to my summer wardrobe. My ideal summer wears have to feel like I'm wearing little to nothing, basically. The print is so lovely and relates to my new obsession: The Bachelorette. I never thought I'd be one of those people to watch and much less tweet about The Bachelorette, but here we are. Not only do I love watching it but I love talking about it too, so let me just stop myself right here before I start ranting about Chad. I have also started watching the second season of UnReal, which is basically a TV series about the behind the scenes manipulation used to produce quality content for shows like The Bachelorette/Bachelor. So if you watch either one of these shows, I highly recommend watching the other as well. 

Now that I graduated I have more time to do things that I hardly had time to do during the semester. Obsessing over TV shows is one of them, but also exploring. Which is what my sisters and I did in the pictures above. This abandoned house is close to where I live and I've always been curious about it. It looks so beaten up, haunted even, from the side of the road. When I walked to the back of it though, there was flower bushes, tall green grass, and a huge barn. Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places and I'm always keeping a lookout. 



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