Hello, all! Moving to SF and settling in has been busy. I've started classes and oh my gosh has it been a workload. Syllabus week got real real fast!
I haven't been out much. Mostly because I'm really concentrating on starting the semester on the right foot, but also because my room is coming together quite nice and I like spending time in cute rooms.
Now, the breakdown on what's on my desk:
  • I brought part of my sea shell & rock collection (some of them are geodes!) with me and they look very beautiful. 
  • My mom got me the elephant figurine. She bought it from a gypsy vendor and its supposed to give you good luck but only when someone else gives it to you.
  • My grandma passed away two years ago. I brought the framed picture of her with me because I know that she will always be taking care of me not matter what and I can always count on her to "darme la bendicion" how us Latinos say.
  • Instead of Christmas lights, I decided to put up lanterns. They look so adorable, especially when they're lit up at night. It gives my room a warm, laid back vibe.  
  • This succulent is one of my favorite recent purchases. I'm not too good at taking care of flowers and plants, but this baby is low maintenance. I only have to water it every 7-10 days!  
This will be home away from home for a while and although I haven't really felt homesick, talking to my family and friends everyday has helped me ease my way into my new life.



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