Wednesday, July 1, 2015

wearing the sky

dress: ??
heels: jaclyn smith

Let me start off by saying: I absolutely adore this dress! I got it at a flea market a couple months ago and I got around to wearing it this weekend to a birthday party. I have this thing with the sky. Its like a painting above us that changes throughout the day and it always takes my breathe away. So I didn't think twice before getting this cotton candy sky dress. And of course my purple sunglasses went perfect with it. Since this was a special occasion I wore my nude heels to pull the look together. For a more laid back look I'd probably wear combat boots (of course) or gladiator sandals with this dress.  

Anyways, the heat is at its peaking point right now and I hope everyone's staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen. Also, make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water and protect their cute paws from the hot pavement!! 

Till the next post


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  1. Hottie amigis! ������