by the ocean


It's that time of year again. Midterms are over. The days are breezy. And my friends and I take a Spring break road trip. Because of some sort of Spring custom that's bloomed, Carmen, Monica, Arnie and I made our way to Fort Bragg again. 
Before anything else, we went around to the main street shops. Getting our hands on macarons was our main goal. After sweets and knickknacks, we headed to Pudding Creek where we'd consequently spend most of our day. The wind was insane! It knocked me down more times than I can remember. But at the end of the day I had nice beach hair...with some sand too. 
Having climbed rocks for good selfie lighting and done handstands for what turned out to be a gnarly picture, we were hungryyy. We settled for sushi (obviously), where I had a sweet potato roll. Sounds odd but trust me, it was superb.
Fort Bragg has become a really special place to my friends and I. Despite still not being able to get all the sand out of my boots, I hope we keep this road trip tradition going. Unlike the footprints we left on the beach, the memories we made won't wash away. 


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