on (my) writing

dress: molokai surf
boots: dollhouse
necklace: todo moda

There's many reasons as to why I keep my writing to myself. Am I making any sense? Did I get my point across? I sometimes think my writing is too dark and I'm constantly  afraid of sounding "fake deep" And oh my gosh, do I really need that many commas?! Although I write all the time (for school, in my journal, here) I've never considered myself a writer.

Well, I think that's changing. I'm taking a creative writing class this semester and I am petrified to say the least. Last week I handed out three (deeply personal) poems to my classmates + professor and I'm getting feedback this week during workshop. I'm nervous but eager to see what others think about my writing. I really want to improve my craft and grow as a creator. In the past, I've been made fun of and discouraged from writing. I no longer want to keep myself from expressing what I think and feel. I want to create.



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